Wake up for a job you love.

Do you dream of escaping your repetitive desk job to fix up a sailboat? Want your workplace to be the waterfront? Imagine a fun, varied and challenging career working with privately owned boats and yachts.

BC’s recreational marine industry offers jobs with great wages, flexible hours, steady work, advancement opportunities and stimulating work environment.

Opportunities in the Marine Industry

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Career options include:

Marine Mechanical Technician

Marine mechanical technicians install, maintain and repair mechanical systems on vessels. Mechanical systems may include engine sets, steering systems, hydraulic and marine water systems, davits, winches and more.

Marine Service Technician
Marine service technicians work in a wide range of specialties related to repairs and maintenance. They are trained to do basic repairs in composites, wood or metals, and perform installations of equipment like plumbing, hydraulics, steering, sailboat rigging and interior work. The marine service technician will usually become expert in one field while being knowledgeable about many facets of boats and yachts.

Marine Electrician Marine Electronics Technician
Marine electricians install and repair a large range of products, including navigation systems, communication systems, thrusters, autopilots, entertainment systems, power systems, Status Instruments and both DC and AC electrical systems and components. This is a 'hands on' position and may involve up-mast work.

Marine Painter/Finisher
Marine finishers are responsible for preparing substrate and applying finishing coats (paint and/or varnish) to vessels. Finish may be applied by hand and brush or sprayed.

Marine Upholsterer

Marine upholsterers specialize in marine upholstery and interiors. A marine upholsterer understands the special considerations of crafting products that will be minimally affected by corrosion, moisture and pounding vibration. The work with exterior cushions, canvas covers and enclosures such as plastic windows.

Boat carpenters, or joiners, are woodworkers that build boats from the keel and/or install interior wood work.

Composite Technician
Composite technicians are specialists that understand the use and application of fiber reinforced laminates. Technicians are responsible for overseeing the construction of parts and the operation of fabrication processes and are called upon to repair laminates.

Outboard Engine mech

An outboard engine technician performs maintenance and repair of all outboard motor systems. These systems include ignition, electrical, oil injection, fuel injection, carburetion, hydraulic, engine mechanical and drive train. May also be called up to perform the functions of a rigger, power.

Sailboat rigger
Sailboat riggers install, adjust and modify sailboat standing and running rigging, assemble and dress masts and spars, and rig to lift tenders & dinghies aboard with davits.

Boat sales
Sales representatives sell boats, along with boating goods, parts, supplies and services to retail, wholesale, commercial, industrial and professional clients. They are employed by boat manufacturers, boating schools, retail companies and more. Sales representatives promote sales to existing clients, solicit potential clients and provide clients with a presentation on the benefits and uses of the product. They quote prices, credit terms, warranties and delivery dates, and prepare sales contracts. They also consult with clients after sale to resolve problems and provide ongoing support. They may supervise the activities of other sales representatives.

Boat builders
Boat builders, build, repair and refit new and used boats. These craftspeople are made up of a range of skilled professionals, including carpenters, metal workers and more. BC has a long tradition of yacht building with world wide reputation for quality workmanship

Marine tourism/ charter operators / sports fishing
There are various types of jobs in marine tourism including working at fishing lodges and hosting sport fishing trips, boat tours and sea kayaking ventures.

Charter operators are employed by marine companies that provide sightseeing tours or water taxi services. In addition to operating the pleasure craft, they may be responsible for educating clients on local surroundings, checking for pollutants around ports and maintaining boats and on-board equipment, such as engines, winches, derricks, fire extinguishers and life preservers.

Marina and yacht club staff
There are a number of jobs at a marina or yacht club, including gas station attendants, store attendants, clubhouse management and staff, and dock staff, to monitor boat traffic and assist owners with vessel maintenance.

  • Sailing instructor
  • Sailing instructors provide adult education assessments and instruction in the art of sailing both power and sail yachts.

Yard labourer
Yard labourers assist boatyard staff with general yard work, moving boats, sanding and painting boat bottoms, general boat repair and maintenance and other required yard work. Yard labourers often train to become professionals in the marine trades.

Who's Right for the Marine Industry

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Did you know?
In Canada, the average annual salary in the marine industry is $45,000 - $60,000.